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About was founded and is supported by Humanity Infant LLC to help save lives. This site is designed to provide easy access to safe bed sharing info for parents or caregivers and others involved with infant or childcare. is the One Stop place for safety guidelines, free forums and regularly updated FAQ's.

Please visit our Forums and join in the talk and be sure to see our Safety Guidelines. Compiled from experts around the world, these simple steps can keep your family safe.


Humanity Infant LLC- design/manufacture of the Humanity Family Sleeper- The Original Bed Top Sleeper designed to prevent roll offs and absorb leaks. read more


A message from Humanity Infant

We're happy to be able to offer a community for parents to come together and discover the easiest and safest co-sleeping method for their families. If we work together we can save lives, get better sleep and make the most of our family bed experience.

Happy family bed!