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Saving lives is what this is about. Letting parents know the dangers involved with infant sleep so these tragedies can be ended. Please read over the safety list and let parents, grandparents, babysitters and others who care for kids know the steps to safe infant sleep.

 Posters and Pamphlets

Wonderful for LaLeche League leaders, WIC staff, teachers and others involved with parents of small children.

If you have regular contact with families of small children you have a wonderful opportunity to spread the safety message and help save lives.

Our posters and pamphlets are a simple way to help families know about safe infant sleep.

They are free to download and distribute. Print our posters and hang them up where ever there's a bulletin board that parents will visit and our pamphlets cover all of the safety guidelines for safe bed sharing.



Bed Sharing Safety Posters
(8.5x11 pdf)

Sleeping With Baby Poster 1



pamphlet coming soon