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bed sharing or co-sleeping

Sleeping next to your baby or child can be a rewarding experience. Breastfeeding is made easier when baby is nearby plus children naturally want to sleep near their mothers and are easily soothed to sleep. Keeping it safe is a top priority. With some simple steps you can make sure your sleep environment is as safe as possible and can start enjoying all that co-sleeping has to offer.

  • Please read our safety guidelines and pass them on to others who bed share.
  • Visit our Research page to see the latest scientific research that supports co-sleeping as a natural, safe, and necessary parenting choice.
  • Our F.A.Q. covers many of the questions parents have about co-sleeping and our free forums give you a supportive environment to ask questions and give tips.
  • Spreading the news about infant sleep safety will help save lives. Our posters and pamphlets are free to download and distribute.
  • is a not for profit organization created to spread infant sleep safety awareness and save lives.



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